Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where did the real Newscasters Go?

Blogging is not one of my prioirities of life. Yet, as I see it, a blog allows for self expression. There is a reason why I have deliberately chosen to not blog for almost a month, that reason is, "I have been watching and listening."
Personally, I prefer for my blog to focus on spiritual, ethical, and even moral matters. After watching the events on the national political scene, there are many things which are good and bad, great and sad, as well as other things which demand our attention.
It has been interesting to watch the development in National Political arena.

Finally, the veil has been pulled back and all of America has become a witness to the "Liberal Bias" of the National Media. To watch and listen to the ABC ("A Barack Channel"), NBC ("Noone but Barack Channel"), MSNBC ("McCain Stinks, Negate Barack's Critics"), or others leaves one to clearly understand one simple truth; "the national press is no longer a reporter of the news, but has become a well-oiled machine for promoting the liberal agenda in our nation."

While Mr. Obama has been on the "trail" for over a year, he has received less scrutiny than Mrs. Palin has in one month. It is a sad day for America when a plain talking, person next door gets the third degree while a polished politician gets a free ride.

Personally, I have been thankful for Fox News. Case in point; "Last night on the news I saw a clip which was cut short by "some" networks, but played in full by Fox. The cut short version looked bad for the McCain-Palin ticket while the full clip conveyed an entirely different message.

My prayer is that the citizen (voters) of this great land will not allow the liberal bias of the media to sway their vote, but that they will seek beyond this tanished brand of coverage offered today and discover for themselves the truth behind the candidates (Obviously, we will not get the truth from some of the more recognized media outlets). I applaud MSMBC for making a few changes to attempt to regain some hint of objectivity. After all, isn't that what a news organization is suppose to do? Be objective and report the news without prejudice or opinion? Many "shouting shows" exist for the purpose of opinions. (By the way, just because one person can outscream another while in front of a camers does NOT necessarily make the loud screamer correct.)

Just as surely as this country needs some real STATESMEN to stand up for the country, this country also needs some real NEWS REPORTERS. As we all know, a STATESMAN is one who puts country above his personal agenda and does what is right, regardless of the next election. A News Reporter is one who reports what happens without the commentary.

Wonder where these men and women have gone?

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