Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Praying for a Miracle

I am about to finish reading a very enlightening book. It is not a book that gives good news, but it does reveal the disturbing truth about life in the USA. As I have read (slowly) this book, I have "stepped up" my prayers for this great nation.

This book is written by David Kupelian and is entitled, "The Marketing of Evil." Mr. Kupelian's research reveals the trek of our country's downfall and makes the strong case as to how "Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts" have sold us corruption disguised as FREEDOMS!! This is incredible, but hardly arguable. Think about this; a premeditated-scheme or strategy was developed and implemented to convince citizens that crime is a ' constitutional right', that sin is really alright, and that all the evils (as taught by the Bible) are really issues of tolerance and acceptance.

In one of Kupelian's final chapters he refers to Francis Schaefer's 1984 book entitled "The Great Evangelical Disaster" in which the word, "accomodatation" seems to be the order of the day. Schaefer bemoans that fact that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has unwittingly became a part of the problem by accomodatating the disintegrating culture rather than being authentic, Christ-like change agents.

When taken in the cultural context of the cultural bent in 2008, we can now see and understand the difficult and dire situation in which we find America. We are on the precipice of a disaster like we have never before experienced in this great nation.

We have serious problems and, it would seem, because of the unfairness found in our "mainstream media" very few good, honorable, and KNOWLEDGABLE people will step forward for fear of being unfairly judged and criticized. We have serious problems and need serious and skilled people to lead.

Our economic woes need economists, not politicians. Our healthcare problems needs experts, not politicians. In fact, on our security front it would seem that while politicians are bantering, our men and women are risking life and limb to face an enemy overseas in order that we don't have to face them again on American soil. We have enough politicians. Certainly, change is the order of the day.

Now. enter our two presidential candidates. One is a relativelnewcomer to the national scene and the other a long-time public servant. The former has great eloquence in front of a crowd, the latter is not real comfortable in front of a crowd. The former is a polished likeable person, the latter is a little gruff and rough in his delivery. The former is a left wing extemist as is confirmed by his voting record, the latter is more of a centrist--reaching across the aisle on more than one occasion.

NEITHER CANDIDATE seems to have a REAL COMMMAND of the problems we face in America or REAL PLAN of how to lead this nation through and out of our financial chaos. This is my observation from the two debates, much reading, and of course, the biased news reports on TV. Both candidates seem to have a knack for half truths and overstating their opponent's fault as well as their own strengths.

In the final analysis, I have already decided for whom I will vote even though I have my doubts whether he will win or not. But it seems to me, that whoever is the next president, we need to pray that God would perform a miracle in His life, in the lives of voters (citizens), in the life of our Congress, and even in our world.

Without a miracle of God, I'm afraid the GREATEST NATION TO EVER RISE TO POWER (the USA) may be in her twilight years.

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