Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lord Jesus, Come Quickly

Tonight I, like 150 million other Americans, found myself watching the results of Presidential Election. As I have watched the results come in, though I have really not been surprised, I have sat and watched with great sadness as it seems the United States we have known may never "be" again. In an unusual way, this night has given me a kind of surreal feeling as so many voted to move this country to a decided "leftist" philosophy.

It seems that the economy and the poor approval rating of President Bush were the main driving forces of this election. The issues of "National Security" and defending our freedom were cast aside. The great moral and ethical issues which plague this nation have been discarded. That being said, I suggest that several things will happen in the not to distant future which might make the Obama supporters wish they had known him better.

In the next four years there will be an attack on the unborn like we have not seen. It may rival the hollocaust. With the new President's support, the Defense of Marriage Act will likely go down in flames. The armed service people who have given their heroic efforts, energy, and expertise, will be called home, quite likely, in disgrace and failure because the new commander in chief has little or no idea of how to defend America or fight a war. The "far-left" Congress and the "extremely left" President will engage on a program of tax and spend which have all those working Americans (who cast the vote) laboring 6 or 7 months of a year to pay the government. We will pay those taxes so the government can take the money of working people and "spread it around" to those who refuse to work. Additionally, the USA will probably begin the transition to "socialized medicine" which will be a disaster in the nation. (As an aside, we will never fix our healthcare until we quit viewing heathcare as a system and properly view it as a "business"). Finally, eye has not seen, nor has ear heard all the liberal policies, programs, and taxes which citizens will see during the next four years.

Gosh, just writing about these few things which cause such sadness for America have made me deeply distressed. Now, I know God is still on His throne and I am aware of Habakkuk 1 where God told the prophet, "I am doing something about which you will be totaly shocked. An ungodly army will come and teach your people, Judah, a lesson." My fear is that God is doing the same to America. My prayer for my family and fellow Amercians is this; "even so, Lord Jesus come. And do it quickly.

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