Monday, February 06, 2006

A Day - Not My Best

It is always interesting to me that when God grants a tremendous blessing, old Satan sticks his ugly head up in an attempt to distract and downplay the blessings of God. After such a tremendous blessing of God yesterday as we "Celebrated Super Sunday"...It has seemed that everything I have attempted has fallen short today.

Today, I spoked to the "Minister's Conference" and somehow never sense God's spirit during the entire message. Trying to study today - I have had one mental distraction after another.

However, greater is He who is in me that he who is in the world. I may lose a battle every now and then - but the war is already won. Thank you Jesus, for the victory I find when I kneel at the cross. I remember those words from an old gospel song which I heard sung at a funeral many years ago. They assist me on days like today. Here they are (just the chorus);

"I find victory, real victory when I kneel at the cross,
Lost in the beauty of its holiness there.
Bond are broken, hearts mended,
Doubts driven, spirits lifted,
I find victory when I kneel at the cross."

"Thank you Lord for the daily victory that I find in you"

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