Friday, February 03, 2006

God is Good all the time

This past month has been an incredible month! God has been so good to us as we have opened a new chapter in the lives of the Watts family and Hueytown Baptist Church. Obviously, God has great plans for this people.

One of the most encouraging signs which I, as the Senior Pastor, see is the level of Spiritual sensitivity which is evident in the members of HBC. It is consistently heard in the hallways of these buildings that someone is "mentoring" a non-believer. Watching those mentors leads their friends down the road, step by step, to faith in Christ is exciting!!

On Wednesday night, to have Bro. Lee Thomas teach us about "prayer" and to see the huge number of people which came to learn (coupled with the fact that many or most had read the book at least once) is also a sign that God is "up to something" in our midst.

My prayer today is this; "Lord, help us get "in on" what you're "up to." AMEN.

Whisper a prayer for the VBS workers who are in Nashville and the College/Career Students who are in Montgomery this weekend.

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