Sunday, February 26, 2006


It's a famous saying. One that all of us have heard. Candidly, one that EVERYONE of have not only said, but said in "prayer." Here it is; "Lord, give me patience, and give it to me NOW!"

Have you ever considered the "why" of this statement, request, or demand (grin)? It is because we desire something to happen. This "something" is different everytime we make this statement or pray this prayer (come on, you've said this more than once). However, it is worth making note of the fact that whatever it is paints a picture of what is important to you right there, right at that time.

Our daughter, Christy, is expecting a baby. As of this writing she is 9+ months pregnant. She is ready to have our little grand-daughter whose name will be "Piper". Christy is ready for this little girl to be born. Christy's brother, Jonathon is ready for Piper to get here. Grandparents (that'd be Deboria and me), are ready for Piper's arrival. Great grandparents (both sets) are ready. Guess what, we are all getting impatient. ("Lord, I want patience, and I want it NOW!!")

To finish that thought, Piper will be born either when SHE decides it's time or the doctor decides it's time. For this baby, not to worry--she'll get here and we'll be excited when she does.

In considering this issue and situation, I believe the Holy Spirit has thrust my thoughts into a new realm of thinking; "Could it be that the "what" we become impatient about has much to say about the person we are?"

Being a preacher, I could write or talk all day about this question. But in the converse let me just give a couple of "thought-provoking" ideas;

1) Wonder why we are not as impatient about the eternal destination of those closest to us??
2) Wonder what it is that make us "truly" impatient? Is it selfish things? Or selfless things?
3) Why are we impatient for the "preacher to finish his 30-40 minute message and then are so patient to sit and watch a 3 hour ballgame? or show?

My challenge to you is to examine what it is which makes you impatient and be sure that it is worthy of your showing or being impatient. One of the "Fruits of the Spirit" is Patience. Think about it. Consider it. And then let's change our lives to reflect it.

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