Sunday, February 05, 2006

A "Super Day"

Once again the "Lord's Day" has come and gone. It seems that "each Sunday" is more special than the last. Today was an absolute "Super Sunday".

In the Lord's house we shared in Bible Study that was exciting and where classrooms were full. Bro. Rick, the HBC Worship Minister did a "fantabulous" job of leading us to the very "Throne of Grace" in worship. The message for the day entitled "Bragging Rights" (from our 1 Thessalonians study entitled, "The Model Church") spoke directly to our hearts and then to top it off--Welcoming a new couple and a young boy into the fellowship was wonderfully refreshing.

When we thought it couldn't get any better, the Mark Trammell trio setup and more of heaven came down. After today, it is obvious what the Psalmist David meant when he wrote these words, "My cup runneth over" or to say it another way, "My cup overflows".

How about a prayer: "Lord, never let us take for granted the blessings which you send to us. May each blessing motivate us not only to love you more, but out of the "overflow of our hearts", share your gospel, grace, and love, with everyone we meet. Keep us focued on touching with your gospel those who need you. Thank you for your love.

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