Saturday, February 04, 2006


For the past 24 hours my wife, Deb, and I were on a trip with the College and Career from the church. Talking about being reminded of how "OLD" I've gotten. It was "fun" with these guys and gals just listening to them talk and "hang out". Candidly, there is probably not a better group of young people than these - and we (as least "I") had a great time.

There is one overriding truth which I gleaned from this Alabama College/Career Evangelism Conference and that is: This young generation is truly developing a heart for the Lord, a passion for learning how to live out this faith, and a desire to discover HOW TO share it. Today, my prayer is that we, as the generation just ahead of them, can learn some of the truths which these students have embraced.

As the conference drew to a close, several hundred of these students made a public committment (in writing) to walk closer with Christ, to be more concerned about their lost friends and family, and to share Christ more effectively and efficiently.

My prayer is: "Father, please give these student the courage and the endurance to stay with the commitments which they have placed on the altar for you. And give us who are presently charting the course for the congregation a similar passion for those who need to know you. Help us see our world through the "BI-FOCAL" lens of "those who know you" and "those who need to know you". AMEN!

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