Monday, February 13, 2006

You Never Know!!

Imagine my surprise as I passed through the "student area" of HBC's Sunday Morning Bible study when several students said to me, "Bro. Jerry, I read your blog." Now I guess that I knew the "younger generation" will be the one to make full use of technology, but it was a pleasant surprise to know that some of these great students took a moment to read what an "OLD PREACHER" had to write. (Thank you, girls and guys.) Even today, this truth has made me a little more thoughtful about the words which I write.

Words have a powerful influence. Whether spoken or written. When you think about it, you never know who reads or hears your words. Additionally, you REALLY don't know if what they "understood you to say" is exactly what you "meant to say".

This morning I write about this truth hoping to call us to be careful to say "good", "fun", "caring", and "uplifting" words. Let's do our best to be examples of Christ's love in both word and deed.

In the morning message yesterday I shared the Matthew 12 passage which says, "For the mouth speaks out of the overflow of the heart." As a general rule, what you say is birthed in your heart, your mind, your makeup.

My morning (mid-morning) encouragement to each of us is to have Christ ruling our heart that the thoughts birthed there will become words that will honor Him.
Lord, make it so.

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