Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blessings, joys, and why?

This week has been an outstanding week of joy. Our daughter, Christy, gave birth to a "beautiful" (Okay, she was the MOST BEAUTIFUL) little girl ever. Piper Josephine was born Wednesday, March 1, at 5:41pm. She weighed 9lbs 11 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. Her skin was a gorgeous shade of pink, her hair brown, and she is as healthy as a horse (ah...well...she is very healthy)....At any rate, the entire family is super excited about this precious addition to our family.

As I held my first grand-child in my arms, filled with love and wonder at the miracle of birth and the joys which it brings, I wondered; "Is this how the angels in heaven feel at the birth of a new soul into the kingdom?" Luke 15 tells us the "angels rejoice". The same passage seems to imply that God Himself "kills His fatted calf and throws a party". WOW!

So I wondered, "if this is the case, why are we not seeing to it that more "spiritual babes" are being born into the kingdom?" Pondering this particular question causes "self-evaluation" and "reflection". Have I done my part to bring people into the kingdom? Am I doing my part to help the 'babes in Christ' grow up into mature believers and disciples?

Just as surely as Piper needs the assistance of everyone in our family, so does the new believer need the assistance of His/Her "Kingdom Family". We should be so diligent in our living that the new, impressionable believer can follow our example and know what it is to "walk in the spirit", "walk in love", "walk in light", and "walk as children of light". Our speech should always be seasoned with "grace". Our interaction should reflect and reveal "the great commandment".

WOW! Being a grand-parent is the "THING"! I will submit (during this, my first week as a grand-parent) that it should be just as great to be "Spiritual Grand-parents" and I should get just as excited about those coming into the Kingdom of Heaven as I do those coming into the Kingdom of this world through my earthly family. After all, both families are indeed connected by "blood relationships".

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