Monday, March 13, 2006

"If It keeps Gettin' better and better"

Everyone today seems to be searching for one thing, HAPPINESS! First of all, it occurs to me that while we live in this fallen world I don't remember God or God incarnate (Jesus) ever giving the promise of "Happiness". Yet, we still search for it. Problem is, our culture is telling us to look for happiness in all the "wrong places". It's kind of like that old popular country song, "looking for love in all the wrong places, searching for love in too many faces..." (well you get the idea)...

Truth be told, we are taught that the "way" or "avenue" to finding this elusive yet desired state of being is found in "self-gratification". If I can just get "enough". Enough money, position, power, prestiege, or the like then I will be happy. Or maybe for some of the young people it's "if I can just get the right girlfriend/boyfriend or mate" then I'll truly be happy.

In an oversimplistic thought, it will serve us well to make note of two important truths; 1) There are not enough "things" in this world to make you happy. It was the millionaire Nelson Rockefellar who was asked, "How much money is enough" and responded, "just a little more". If we chase this dream, we'll waste our live in the "far country" like the Prodical Son. 2) There is no human being who can make you happy. If an individual is unhappy and gets married, that will be just more baggage which the couple will have to deal with. Candidly, I could write all night on these two thoughts....

I submit that instead of chasing happiness, God desires for us to "pursue Him" with the same passion which we pursue our selfish desires. And in case you, the reader, might think this is a bit much for God to expect, be reminded that God pursued us so diligently that His Son, Jesus, wound up on the cross, demonstrating the greatest display of love ever known to mankind.

Today, we can walk and live in the light of God's blessings. When we do, life is sweet. Oh yeah, we can discover happiness in His light, but watch....He's promised us peace, joy, love, security, and an eternal life. Guess what, eternal life on the other side of the grave and abundant life on earth. That is the measure of a life who is rightly related to God. It gets better and better and better and....(well you get the idea)

Bill Gaither put it in a song many years ago, "If it Keeps getting better and better O Lord, I don't know what I'm gonna do"..... Thank you, Jesus!!!!!

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