Monday, February 11, 2008

Really Disappointed with an Influential Leader

Admittedly, the politics of this presidential campaign added to what might be called a "lack of real options" is disheartening. From the top 4 candidates who are battling for the 2 nominations, it appears that those who have a passion to see this country restored to her former glory have been all but left out. Candidly at this point of the process, I have no clue who will get my vote. Lookinig down the list of candidates, each one of them seems (at least to me) to have serious flaws in their philosophy and direction. In other words, "their views do not fairly and accurately represent my views."

While this may sound a little narcisistic, the truth is this; everytime we cast a vote we attempt to elect someone who represents our way of thinking. THIS IS, after all, the American way. Those in Washington are merely a "representative" of us in the "heartland." Let us keep this thought in mind this year.

Now, for my disappointment. One of the people I have come to highly respect, admire, and truly appreciate has now, I believe, initially sent out the wrong message to his literal thousands of watchers (followers). For me it was both saddening and disappointing to read that Dr. James Dobson made the announcement that if a particular candidate became the Republican nominee, he would probably NOT VOTE. Maybe I agree with Dr. Dobson about this candidate (we certainly agree on most of the others) but for him (and his followers) to refuse to participate in this American process is to abandon the very country which he has for so long, attempted to restore. Even if we don't have our first, second, or third choice, on the ballot, to totally by-pass voting is out of step with what the Bible teaches us about being good citizens.

Years ago a close friend "informed" me that I "wasted my vote" because I chose to vote for an individual whom I knew would probably NOT win. I was astonished to say the least. When we reduce our participation in the election process to only "vote" for the winner, we have taken much away from the process. Voting for the winner should not be as important as voting one's conscience. BUT WHATEVER THE CASE, WE MUST VOTE!!

My prayer is that Dr. Dobson (and his multitude of followers) will NOT abandon the American process, but will participate, even if the prefered individual is not on the ballot. My prayer is that anyone who reads this blog would NOT abandon their personal responsibility and priviledge. My prayer is that we work our best to be assured that this great nation has the best of the leadership available. Candidly, whether I like it or not, when we step into a voting booth the only leadership which is available is on the ballot. All the rest have been, for one reason or another, been weeded out. Is our process perfect? NO! Does it sometimes seem unfair? Without a doubt. Does the best person always receive the nomination? (What a question!!) Absolutely NOT!! However, with all its warts, wrinkles, and blemishes, it is still OUR PROCESS. (Just a reminder; many countries would love to have this luxury) Let us mae the best decision possible. It will only happen when we stay engaged (even IF "OUR" candidate didn't make the final ballot), remain true citizens and believers (Romans 13), and do OUR BEST to make sure the WORSE doesn't come. BLESSINGS.

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