Monday, February 04, 2008

What this country really needs is................

One of the things that I have NEVER been is a political activist! In fact, you might think me "un-American" or something, but I don't do politics. When I think of politics and Christianity the joke which I enjoy with one of my friends who is a politician. (Sorry Mike) The joke goes like this; One day at lunch a man stood to speak to a civic group. He began, "I'm a Christian Politician." From the back of the room, he was interrupted by a gruff voice saying, "Make Up Your Mind!!" (yea, I'm grinning)

Make no mistake. To be a believer in the politcal area is (in this day of time) a decision to put your life on the line. Yet, being a Public Servant is exactly that. Over the years we have watched as one politician after another has fallen prey to the lure of "special interests". Honestly, the most "special" of these "interests" are "self", "number one", "me". Sadly, in the past 50 years many politicians come on the scene with great promise and then be snatched off the scene by one type of personal struggle or another.

Today I submit that what this country needs is fewer professional politicians and more "Statesmen"! It is worthy of note that the founders of this great country conceived a system of government whereby a man would represent his state or district for a few years and then return home, having fulfilled his "public service". It would seem that those deep thinking Fathers of Democracy never dreamed of "Public Service" being a career, and a lucrative one at that.

The Politician (at least it seems to me) is all about "winning the election". As we have witnessed in days past, most of the time it does not matter "what" you have to do to achieve the win, just as long as you "get the win". And once in office, it is almost as if, the politician has no opinion of his own. More than once have we heard the commentators speak of an elected official who seems to "stick his finger in the wind" and then goes the way of the latest poll.

The Statesmen, on the other hand, is one who can be counted on to cast his vote for the "greater good" instead of personal gain. He is one who not only looks "into" an issue, but does his best to look "through" the issue to discover what is best for our Nation, State, County, City, or even Community. My prayer, in this year of presidential election, that God will raise up some true statesmen. Candidly, the options we have are quite frightening.

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