Friday, March 07, 2008

Just wondering

Recently I sent out one of those blanket emails which I happened to think was "right on" (actually, delete most of them). This one was about the 10 Commandments' place in the history of the USA and gave information relative to some of our founding fathers and their attitude towards God, the Bible, Christianity, and even religion in government. Candidly, I carefully selected (or at least I thought I did) my receivers from my list of "friends" and sent it out with a reference to one of our "Presidential Candidates". You guessed it, less than 6 hours later I had a blistering response from one of my "friends". This "friend" was all over me for such propaganda and went on to literally denegrate the philosphies and impact of those leaders who established this great nation. So I sit and I wonder.......

Can a person be "Christian" politician and consistently vote for the murder of babies? Or to give "Civil-Rights" special status to people who live in the sin of homosexuality? Can a person serve as a "Commander in Chief" of a nation which he refuses to repect, salute, or even acknowledge the Flag?

I'm not saying YES nor NO...I'm just wondering....We all BETTER wonder because November is coming!

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