Monday, March 10, 2008

Remember, Repent, and Return

One of the great part of being a Pastor is seeing God changing people's lives. There are those who come to faith in Christ and their lives are transformed by the power of Christ. These changes are those which make the angels in heaven rejoice. (In human terms, that would mean "throw a party"). We are designed to have a personal relationship with God. When we come to Christ through faith we find forgiveness, new life, and this personal relationship with God. According to His word, the ONLY way to have a personal relationship with God is in Jesus Christ.

These days my heart has been blessed by the repentance, confession, and renewal of some who have known the Lord for a long time. They have, for one reason or another (most of the time "accidentially"), allowed their relationship with the Father to grow cold & stale AND NOW, they have heard God's voice and responded to His call.

Honestly, all of us who know the Lord have been right there! Today, it is not about how cold our hearts have been, but about the call of Christ to remember, repent, and return. This is the call given in Revelation 2 to the Church in Ephesus and it is the call which resounds today.

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