Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moses Is Dead

My great memory of Charleton Heston is seeing him "part the Red Sea!" As a child, I remember how awesome it was when he raised his hand, God's rod, and that powerful voice to say something like, "See the Mighty Hand of God." (What followed was and is a great tribute to a great God.) During his lifetime, Mr. Heston portrayed several Biblical characters and it always seemed that he did it in a very authentic way. As we all know, this past week at 84 years of age, he passed from this life into eternity.

Reading the article of his passing - saddens me as I considered the passing of something more important than an actor. It seems to me that as this generation passes from the scene so have many of the moral and principles which were the foundation of our culture. Mr. Heston and his wife were married 50+ years at his death. (How long has it been since this has been the norm instead of the exception?) It is a sad note which reminds us that a few years ago a well-known actress stated on a talk show that she believed any marriage was successful if it lasted 3 years. Ouch. How times have changed.

Here's my point for the day. The Biblical character Moses came down the mountain withthe 2 tablets in his hand which contained the law of God. The screen version of Moses (Charleton Heston) did the same. Those Ten Commandments have served as the centerpiece for every legal code which has been penned and today in our "enlightenment" we have chosen to discard that which has guided us for so long. As I have said before, it is more than a little interesting to note that this decalog is engraved above the head of the Supreme Court Justice's chair who presides over a "Court of Judges" who have decreed that no "other" government agency could display this important set of principles.

Seems to me that more than Moses have now died. Maybe we should have a day of mourning for Mr. Heston because of his keeping the truth alive on the big screen. But perhaps it is fitting that we have a day of prayer, mourning, fasting, and repentance about the neglect of the Ten Commandments.

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