Thursday, July 10, 2008

FIREPROOF! Sherwood Pictures did it again!

Throughout my years I have been marginally involved in media production (I.E. Video, Television , Radio jingles, etc) and have always believed that this medium of communication has been largely overlooked as a means of sharing the gospel. Now I do remember some 30 years ago the FILM ministry which was available. While good film were made and used by some churches, reaching outside of the church and on to the "BIG SCREEN" was rarely, if ever achieved.

It is exciting to see God do a work which can only be ascribed to Him. Sherwood Baptist Church and Sherwood Pictures have indeed made a mark on this nation for Christ. Alex and Stephen Kendrick have allowed God to develop the talent for writing GREAT SCRIPTS and producing GREAT FILMS.

Candidly, while I love the story-line in "Facing the Giants" and know the far-reaching impact of this movie, the story-line in their first project (lesser known) is perhaps as strong, if not stronger, than Giants. "Flywheel" tells a story which needs to be told. For anyone who has not purchased and viewed this movie, my recommendation is to do so TODAY!! HOWEVER, as they say, "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!"

A couple of days ago I was invited to a premier of the newest project out of the heart of the Kendricks and this great church in Albany, GA. FIREPROOF will open in between 700-800 theatres across this nation on SEPTEMBER 26. It is time for God redeemed people to come shoulder to shoulder and PACK OUT theatres houses! This movie speaks to the number one problem in America today, that is, the disintegrating home. Within this storyline viewers will witness a troubled marriage, angry mates, temptation, honesty, integrity, relationship of parents to grown children, the importance of good friends, and much more.

This is a clarion, Macedonian-style, and emphatic call to EVERY PASTOR, LEADER, TEACHER, DEACON, and BELIEVER; FIREPROOF can and will change lives!!! But it can do this, ONLY if there is grass roots support among God's people to fill every house where it is shown. The first weekend it opens means EVERYTHING to it continuation.

Please check this out, you'll be glad you did;

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