Thursday, July 09, 2009

Who Knows?

The debacle of the SBC Executive Committee seems to still light up the Press, Twitter, and even Facebook. Today I read response after response calling for Dr. Morris Chapman's resignation. Even in this heightened emotional time, most (if not all) acknowledges Dr. Chapman's longevity and leadership during these past 30 years and thus, simply states that he has lost touch with the rank and file Baptist, has developed a skewed perception of what the SBC is all about, or is one whose time has passed. Candidly, it is not my place (at this point) to join this call as I believe him to be a good man who has indeed led us for years and deserves better than this. But it is my belief, that every person employed by an SBC church or entity deserves better than this.

That being said, there still exist several telling issues which require the Executive committee's attention (now, I'm talking about the ENTIRE Executive Committee as opposed to only the officers and administration of the Executive Committee). Some of these are;

  • Why does it seem to be that Dr. Hunt and Dr. Chapman are communicating through the press and not in a personal setting? Would it not be better for our two elected leaders to come to some kind of understanding of what is going on in the upper echelon of SBC life?
  • Why is it that Dr. Chapman gives the perception that he is above being accountable to the churches he serves? This is not meant to be trite or mean spirited but every level of the SBC has checks and balances. Even the Executive Committee is accountable.
  • If Dr. Chapman does resign, will he be given the same type of treatment that Bro. Clark was given? Here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Why is it that the entire Executive Committee has not been "in the loop" of this publicity scandal? Isn't that what we elect them to do and be? Yet, it would seem that they have been kept out of the loop.
  • What happens if the at-large members of the Executive Committee demand to be "filled-in" on the circumstances of this issue? Will they be told "no comment", "we do not comment on personnel matters", or in the converse, will they be replaced with a "no comment?"

I know these are tough, mean sounding questions, but God knows my heart, they are not meant that way. There is nothing mean about accountability, but it is tough. It's easy to ask for a resignation and it's tough to handle the questions which ensue. It's easy to look the other way; it's tough to look a problem in the eye. It's easy to say "no comment"; it's tough to speak the truth in love.

May we never forget that we are God's people, doing God's business, hopefully in God's way! Backroom dismissals, hiding behind bureaucracy, and refusing to inform those elected to be informed is not God's way. However, if this actions stands without any accountability being demanded, then maybe our churches and institution will follow suit, who knows?

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