Friday, September 18, 2009

God is Still Working

Last Thursday (September 17 – Constitution Day) will live on as a day of surprises. The first surprise (covered in my previous blog) was that a High School Principal (Frank Lay) and Athletic Director (Robert Freeman) was in front of a judge on "Criminal Charges" of Contempt of Court for saying a "Blessing over food." Who would have thought that our system of juris prudence would actually hear such a ridiculous case as this in a country that boast of "religious freedom" and "tolerance." (to use a "well-used" word)..

The next surprise is nothing shy of a divine act of God. After a one day trial, these two men were found NOT GUILTY!!! What a story!! Although Religious Freedom for Christians under persecution in America, this was a time when God, in His grace, reached down and took control of circumstances which seemed out of control.

God's people rose up to the Challenge and He responded in support. To Him be the Glory!!

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