Friday, October 23, 2009

I’m Confused

The years 2008-2009, without a doubt, will go down in my life's history as the most confusing years of my existence (that is, unless I get Alzheimer's' – and I'm not making fun of this debilitating disease). But then again most people who know me accuse me of staying confused anyway.

First, there was the presidential election of 2008. Gosh, where did the REAL candidates go? But who would have thought that the new President of these GREAT United States would dislike the United States and their concept of self-government so much. In six months we have seen a country which was admittedly in a mess—almost disintegrate before our very eyes. Now we are faced with the real prospect of the Government (Big-brother) taking over everything from Health-care to auto-makers to financial institutions and our President is not through. His thoughts are, "This Government isn't big enough." Year ago (long before he was a presidential candidate) I heard Mike Huckabee say something to this effect, "Why is it that the government, who can only 'take' money, think they can handle it better than the citizen, who "make" the money?" While Gov. Huckabee and I will disagree on several things, we certainly agree on this issue. Yet, our President continues to spend and spend and spend and spend and take over and spend until, well…just until. Admittedly, I love his concept; "spend your way out of debt." If this could happen…my wife and I would be DEBT FREE!! So if I can't do it—how can my country do it? I'm confused.

Next, our new President came to office with the pronouncement, "I'm going to close Guantanamo, bring all our soldiers home, and be done with the war." While most normal thinking Americans knew this was not as easy as he made it sound, he continued voicing his unlikely and improbable position. While there is NOT AN AMERICAN who wants to have an unending presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, or have to keep a prison camp (for terrorists) open, it would seem that the more prudent way of governing would be to put experts in place and listen to their wise expertise and counsel about how to accomplish this. Yet, it would seem that our President, once again, has tunnel vision about making America what HE wants it to be. Somehow I have been taught (in legitimate US History & Government classes) that our founding Fathers were deep thinkers, outstanding writers, and (by the way) most had a deep faith in the God of the Bible, to wit they established this experiment in government which has stood the test of time. Now, our elected President appears to be making an attempt to change all of this. My question is "Why?" Before we became so 'enlightened' that our courts and congress began to "challenge" the 'Constitutionality of the Constitution' (what a sad truth) and seek to revise what wise scholars had known and taught to be the original intent, this country stood as an impregnable fortress founded on the truths found in God's word and even the blessings of God Himself. Today, we have almost extricated Jehovah God from our Government, Schools, and culture, which adds up to kicking Him out of our lives. Now, I'm really confused.

It is amusing to listen to the pundits recant the historicity of "America being founded on the Bible and the God of the Bible." The reason it is so amusing it that for me (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) it seems that our Founding Fathers were visionary enough to foresee this day coming and they knew the almost "ignorant" approach some would take to this concept. So what did they do? In almost EVERY NATIONAL MONUMENT they built, they inscribed in STONE portions of God's word. It is my belief that they inscribed all of this in stone so future generations could not erase what knew to be the "essential part" of a fair and free government.

Because this Blog is so long, just be reminded of one such inscription. Above the heads of the Supreme Court Justices, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS are inscribed!! This would be amusing if it weren't so sad. These are the same 10 Commandments that they told Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore were UNCONSITTUTIONAL. Is it any wonder I'm confused?

Finally earlier this year, an elected President of these United State stood on foreign soil to proclaim "America is no longer a Christian Nation!" To read the unrevised history of America, study the words and faith of our founding men, examine the words of John Jay (our first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court), to read early documents, to understand the process of development in this nation and then declare it "no longer Christian?" Yep, that settles it--- IT'S OFFICIAL "I'm Confused."

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