Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Going on

Today, one of my friends called me to tell me that something was going wrong on my blogger page. It seems that the link to my "Twitter" on this page was displaying all kinds of 'foul' language. Candidly, I went to my twitter account and checked out to block whoever was doing this. Come to find out, only the Twitter feed to my blog account was affected. So for now, I have deleted that feed to my blog page.
I wish someone could give me the 'thought-processes' of someone who gets their kicks in life by making things difficult for other people. During this week of spending time with my family, many-many good people have been encouragers, providers, and even helpers for our family as we morn the passing of mom. Yet, it seems there is always one in every crowd who feels the needs to be mean-spirited to someone for no apparent reason.
To whoever did this; I hope and pray that you will let your hack of my page be the last one. This was a distraction which I did not need today. My family deserves my full attention (as does other people with their families), and I hope you will become more considerate of others.

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