Monday, April 26, 2010

GCR – From My Seat

It has been many days since I have written a blog. Quite likely, it is because my writing get into so few hands that what I write (or think for that matter) makes little difference. However, as I continue to watch, read, and listen to the debate over the GCR in Southern Baptist life, it would seem to me that we are about to box ourselves in.

Recently I read a message by the late Vance Havner and grinned at his words that sometimes we are like "an elephant with a blow torch in a room full of dynamite" and yet, it seems this is quickly becoming our position with the GCR. I, like 30,000 other Baptist pastors have listened to, downloaded, and printed out, the 'progress report' of the GCR task force given to the SBC Executive Committee. As I have digested the material, it seems to me that the focus on this report is to 'fixate' that which is not broken as oppose to 'fix' that which is in need of repair.

My prayer is that TODAY (Monday, April 26, 2010), as the task force meets in Nashville to finish the verbiage on the 'Final Report' that God will speak to this fine group of people to see the SBC from the eyes of the "rank & file" church. May God give intervene and give clear and concise direction to all of us.

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