Saturday, July 24, 2010

How I Wished!

It is almost a daily occurance for me. Being subscribed to several 'blogging groups' within the Christian community delivers blogs to my email box. While I enjoy reading the thoughts of other, it seems that a common theme weaves its way through many blogs. Quite honestly, I am about to unsubscribe because of this theme. In writing these words, I understand that some of my 'friendships' might be stressed, strained, or separated. If this is the case, as much as it pains me, 'so be it.' The issue is Calvinism.
First, my objection begins with the name. Quite honestly, reading the blogs of the Calvinists semms to almost deitize a man. Admittedly, a deeply intellectual man who deserves study along side of the other 'church' fathers, however, his name presents no reason to 'bow' and possesses no special power.
My next objection is found in the premise that "if I'm not a Calvinist, then I do not believe in the sovereignty of God." Next, someone will say this; 'if you're not a Calvinist, then you're not saved.' How ridiculous. (If I sound angry, I'm not really angry, but I am highly frustrated.) Calvin has nothhing to do with salvation or the establishment of the truth of the gospel. He only interpreted what each of us interprets every day.
I'll end my diatribe with the Biblical thought about 'debating over debatable matters' -- as the Bible says, "DON'T"...When the doctrine of man (whether John Calvin, John Stott, John McArthur, or any other John) is lifted to being used as a 'point of fellowship' then we have misplaced our focus, faith, and followship.
Today the 'Gospel' is facing such challenging times that we do not need to created stumbling blocks which do not exist. My heart, my hope, and my prayer, is that the name of Jesus will replace John (Calvin) in communicae which are spread world wide because it is only at the name of Jesus salvation is found!

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