Thursday, October 07, 2010

What is this country ‘coming to?’

While the title of this blog is not correct grammatically, it is an accurate question – PRACTICALLY! The news stories which we read and hear seem to strike at the very core of our existence. The courts (and some churches) in this land appear to have lost touch with reality and common sense.

For instance, I cannot imagine God sending HIS PEOPLE to a grave yard to belittle the parents of a young man who are attempting to bury their son killed on the battlefield. While it is true that America has and is taking the course of Sodom & Gomorrah and does need a course change; but does disrespecting and desecrating the internment of a fallen soldier accomplish this goal? It would seem to me that God is leveling judgment on America for many, many reason and in many, many ways, and God's people need to be the change 'agents' to right our course. That being said, we are also admonished to 'speak the truth in love.' This does not mean backing up from the truths which we are given in God's word, but neither does it mean to become 'mean spirited' to those who are hurting.

Another instance of the loss of 'common sense' is the story out of Tupelo, Mississippi. A lawyer 'refused' to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the USA (as is the custom) before court began. What gives? Ninth Grade "Civics" taught me that citizenship carries with it 'rights and responsibilities'. My rights are defined in the Constitution and my responsibility is to pledge my life to this nation. Honestly (and with common sense), you cannot have one without the other. Today, people seem "all about" their rights and really don't care to discuss the responsibilities which follow.

I asked "What is this country coming to?" If some old-fashioned loyalty to the founding principles, courage to go against the grain, and integrity to stand for 'RIGHT' (yes there is still a 'right' & a 'wrong'), then the grand ole lady we know as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA will pass off the historical scene like every other nation in history.

Sadly, this seems to be the desire of some in D.C. Right now, it would seem we are living the 'times' expressed in Judges, "everyone doing what is right in their own eyes." This will lead to decay, depression, and disintegration, before our very eyes.

May God's people rise up to become the 'Lights of Right' in our nation. May we illuminate the path so brightly that all can see the road we are on and the turn we need to make. "Lord Jesus, WE need a touch from you, TODAY."

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