Thursday, February 03, 2011

Judicial Lunacy Continues

The story begins, “A Ten Commandments display in an Ohio courtroom violates the Constitution, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.” Once again, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has shown their true colors as they, once again, have bowed to the pressure of the infamous ACLU. While this is old news in this country, it does give insight into the lunacy which seems to prevail on the bench of the Federal Courts.

Attempting to demonstrate legal scholarship, the three-judge panel rejected Judge DeWeese’s right to place the Decalogue in view and accepted the ACLU’s argument that to post this document is unconstitutional. The situation would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

This may be the shortest blog in history because this issue is not complicated. “IF” those who wrote the constitution deemed the ‘posting of the 10 commandments in a court room’ as a violation of the constitution, then “WHY DID THOSE SAME MEN ENGRAVE, IN STONE, THOSE SAME 10 COMMANDMENTS OVER THE HEADS OF THE SUPREME COURTS JUSTICES?”

Candidly, it is obvious that many of the judges’ today desire to do away with the very principles (the 10 commandments) upon which every successful government in history used (in some measure). Why not file a lawsuit against the Supreme Court to get THEIR Decalogue taken down. In doing this, we would finally have achieved what many desire, a land with not mention of this Decalogue which would ultimately become – a decadent society.

My suggestion is instead of doing away with the 10 Commandments, let’s replace the judges who consider the 10 Commandments to be unconstitutional. After all, these principles were carved in stone in the chamber of the Supreme Court by our “Constitutional writers” and on 2 tablet of our stone by our DNA WRITER (that would be “Jehovah God”). I trust these writers rather than those judges. It makes good sense.

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