Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Courageous The Movie

This past week, the fourth movie produced by Sherwood Pictures of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia was released in a huge way.  I have the DVD from their first movie (Flywheel) and have to say that “These Guys Are Good (and getting better).”  Candidly, I was privileged to go to the Sherwood Church (with 3 of my friends) and experience this people first hand.  Their “ReFRESH” conference was a truly refreshing experience.  Their focus was not ‘church growth’ techniques or a ‘preach-off’ conference or even a ‘do it like we do’ conference.  These days were given to a ‘thirst’ for the Holy Spirit’s presence and power.  While these people are not ‘perfect’ by any stretch of an imagination, what they seem to project is “Live Christians Walking”.  Their humility, willingness to serve, and their ongoing ‘graciousness’ gave witness to their desire to ‘show Jesus to everyone.’  To experience this congregation is to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ these movies have such a powerful and spirit-filled message on the screen.

Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof are all great scripts with great people which gives great truths, but the name “Courageous” (it seems to me) express the very heart of this congregation.  Beginning with the leadership of Senior Pastor Michael Catt, whose spirit-filled guidance keeps the ‘balance’ in the people, it is obvious that this congregation is something pretty special.  Making movies is but ONE of a myriad of ministries which far exceed the normal reach of a congregation.  They courageously face needs, struggles, and truth together.  It is no wonder that Stephen and Alex Kendrick developed this script named “Courageous.”  Action, humor, fatherhood, family dysfunction, and more make this an outstanding movie that the entire family can enjoy and learn from.

Hollywood will never understand the power behind these movies, because they seem to have closed the door on the very power which Sherwood leans on.  The movie concept was prayed over, the script was prayed over, the cinematography was prayed over, casting was prayed over, as well as lighting, makeup, costume, and all the rest—you guessed it—PRAYED OVER!!  Unlike Hollywood who, when faced with a problem, simply ‘pay over it’, Sherwood stops production and PRAYS over it.  Thus, the power of the movie comes from the power of prayer which engages the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Sherwood for your 21st Century example and reminder!!! 

O, by the way – SEE THE MOVIE and TAKE A FRIEND!!!

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  1. This film is an outstanding work created in a time in which we face so many challenges and unknowns. What is so incredible about this film is through the life stories of the characters involved, it made me stop and evaluate my own life and to seriously consider what is really important. It made me reconsider how I use my time and relate to those I truly love. This is a film that should be a must see for families.


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