Friday, January 13, 2012

Wake Up, Believing America

The sad days in America continue to come. This time the place is in Cranston, Rhode Island. The topic: a prayer written by a student back in 1963 which has been hanging on the wall of the school since then. The objection: a 16 year girl who makes two claims. First, she’s an atheist and next, she’s offended by a prayer. The judge: Ronald R. Lagueux who, not surprisingly, ruled that the prayer must be taken down. The “REAL” players: The ACLU, who’s charter reads (paraphrase) “To protect the Bill of Rights” and probably should be amended to read, “To rid this country of any hint of the God of our Forefathers.”

Once again, an unelected (that means appointed) judge chooses to legislate from the bench and do it behind the veiled words of ‘protecting the constitution.’ Yet, it takes no legal scholar to recognize that the motivation is not to protect the constitution but to amend it, without proper procedure, to negate some of the very principles upon which our founding fathers ‘framed’ this document.

The weak argument exists that ‘Our framers were not Christian and they never intended to force people into any religion.’ It’s just me, but I wonder, in the last almost 50 years how, how many students has this 8’ long banner forced to trust God?

From his written opinion, the judge seemed to ‘observe’ that this community is decidedly in favor of keeping up this banner. So at what point, does “we the people” trump ‘me the judge?’ Certainly, this banner did NOT ‘make any law respecting an establishment of religion’ and to say it does is to question one’s ability to be reasonable.

I suggest that “we the people” read this First Amendment, commit it to memory, and then act on it collectively. Here’s the deal; the first phrase of this amendment is the ‘religion’ clause, but it may be time to act on and in conjunction with the last clause written in this “Right.”

The last clause gives us the right to wake up when something is amiss in our government and to “Petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

To all Americans, but specifically to those who are believer in God through Jesus, here it the question; “Do we really want a country with Jehovah God left out?” This is a very apropos question because it is happening before our eyes, on our watch, and while we watch. If we love our country, our children, and/or God’s church, it may serve us well to hear and heed the words of Romans 11.

Picking up in verse 13, it says in part, “It is high time that we awake out of our sleep, discard the deeds of darkness, and put on the armor of light.”

My eight grade science teacher taught us that you can drop a frog in a pot of water at room temperature, slowly heat up the water, and he will remain in the water until he perishes because he is unaware of the danger he is in because of the change in his environment (I.E. water to a boil). If you drop him in hot water, he will jump out, but the gradual nature of the heating water overtakes him before he realizes his situation.

My prayer is that we, as believers and citizens, will wake up and seeing the situation, will take action. The hour is late.

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