Thursday, June 07, 2012

What Will It Take

Even though it has been several weeks ago, I am still reeling from the pronouncement by President Obama that 'same-sex' marriage should be legal.  His continued leadership away from Jehovah God is not at all surprising.  With every decision and word the President distances himself from the foundations of this nation.  There are those who attempt to refute that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but those arguments fall short when anyone arrives at any of the national monuments constructed by our nation's fathers. 

Just one 'for instance' is the Supreme Court.  Go back a few years ago when these men and ladies, dress in black, told State Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore that he had to remove the Ten Commandments from His court house.  These Federal Judges issued this edict as they sat in front of a wall on which those same "TEN COMMANDMENTS" were chiseled in stone by our Fore-Father.  It seems that those men, our Fore-Fathers had an idea that, one day, this country would attempt to move away from God - and to them, this was unacceptable.  This is just one example but many illustration like this exist all around our Nation's Capital.

Back to the 'opinion' of President Obama;  again, no surprise that he is leading us away from God because His words, influence, and life seems to be directly opposite of what God's word teaches.  Here is the thing:  With him being a Muslim, how can he say such words?  The last information I have is that 7 countries still have the death penalty for homosexuality and all of these are predominantly Muslim.  It is not for me to say whether these laws are right or wrong as it is not for 'me' to say whether homosexuality is right or wrong.  These are not MY PERSONAL DECISIONS OR RULES.

When it comes to same-sex marriages, my opinion doesn't matter because God has already spoke to the issue.  Like it or not, "God said it - that settles it."  Oh I know, we may believe we are smarter than God, can make our own rules, and develop our own standards, but there will be a price to pay and God gets the last word.  No president, potentate, or person is smarter than God or can change God's principles for life and living.  We can only obey or disobey.

With respect to the President, what will it take for Americans to face up to the fact that his leadership is not good for this country.  We may not have liked 'past presidents' but, as Americans, our evaluations should not be given based on someone else's performance or someone we do or don't like, but rather on the individual's 'service' to our country.  This country is in dire need of good and godly leadership.  We need a true "Statesman" and not a "Politician".  (A statesman stands "for what is right no matter the personal cost" while a politician seems to 'stick his finger in the air, figure out which way the political wind is blowing and goes along to keep his power base.)

What is it going to take for us, as Christian voters, to wake up and step up.

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