Monday, November 19, 2012

The Last Election???

The day after this National  Election, I posted this - kind of musing about the election & the implications - on Facebook....Candidly, I did receive a sharp rebuke - but that was expected and did not change my convictions - I still stand behind my words.  Actually these words are indeed moderated compared to my deep convictions.  Now, its weeks later and already we are seeing the fallout begin....My prayer is still, "God, save this nation from herself."

On Election night, Deb & I were driving back from a Revival meeting in the Bay St. Louis/Waveland area of Mississippi. We thought the trip was going well until about 7:50pm when our right rear tire decided to ‘blow-out.’ Not to worry, we’re fine but the tire was mush. After changing the tire, we thought about checking on the election results (we had cast our absentee ballot some 14 days earlier). 
Deb fired up the Ipad and we were stunned at the results which were coming in. Not wanting to believe the decision this country seemed to be making, I turned on the radio only to discover that we were indeed granting a second term to a President who supports everything which I believe this land was founded to oppose. While I may lose some friends over this assessment, like Martin Luther, “Here I stand, I can do no other."
Our President supports; Killing unborn children, government sanctioned immorality through homosexual marriage, socialism over a democratic republic, by-passing the Constitution when it pleases Him, as well as turning our back on the Nation of Israel. While there are many more issues which I could name, these are the ones which happen to come to mind.
Today my mind has been swirling as I have read literally dozens of Bible-believing, God-fearing preachers who have attempted to put the best leadership foot forward and remind us that while “A man named Obama is President a ‘god-man’ named Jesus is the King.” You’ll get no argument from me on that statement, because this is the only truth which gives me hope.
That said, we almost certainly have some difficult days ahead of us. God was still on the throne and Jesus was still King when God’s chosen people, the Jewish nation, couldn’t get along and divided into two nations. God was still on the throne when the Northern Kingdom & then the Southern Kingdom were soundly defeated and carried off into captivity. He was watching & ruling when Solomon’s temple & Jerusalem were destroyed & looted. 
It is one thing to recognize God is on the throne, but the call now is to step up to the cultural battle which threatens our very existence.
Today I read the following which speaks to the slide of our country & I believe it to be worth our time to digest:
In 1787 Scottish lawyer, writer, and Professor Alexander Tyler wrote what is referred to as The Seven Steps of Democracy. Each step follows a sequence that begins with bondage and ultimately ends right back where it started.
1. From Bondage to spiritual faith: The English colonists of the United States felt they were being oppressed, and began to inspire a spiritual and political awakening.
2. From spiritual faith to great courage: The religiously and politically oppressed colonists finally decided to rebel against England and take their independence.
3. From courage to liberty: The courage to start a rebellion led to a revolution against England, and ultimately a victory.
4. From liberty to abundance: After victory, we grew as a nation. We experienced an industrial revolution, and soon our country sat in abundance.
5. From abundance to complacency: As a country, we became complacent in our wealth and comfort.
6. From complacency to apathy: Following that, we began to lose our ability to care about what happened in the country, particularly in politics. We began to accept larger government in our lives, without much thought as to how it would later effect us.
7. From apathy to dependence: As the government grew, we began to rely on the government to take care of us and provide for us. We began to rely on social security, welfare, food-stamps, and other programs.
8. From dependence back into bondage: Out of this growing dependency, we will fall farther and farther down the rabbit hole, and find ourselves in Greece (I.E. Financial collapse, riots, social decline, and ultimately bondage). Then we are back where we started.
Up until now, we were at the tipping point; balancing on the edge of dependency versus independence. This was the defining election that would decide whether we stayed on the edge or slipped off the cliff. With the Obama win, we have now slipped of the cliff. Personally, I am afraid that the Professor is ‘right on point.
’On Tuesday evening as we drove toward home I thought about my tire ‘blowing out’ and felt as it our country had finally blown out. Candidly as a nation we have long been running on tires with no tread. As I continued to listen to the radio, I finally felt myself beginning to get physically sick so I turned the radio off. Arriving home around 1:30am, I didn’t turn on the TV or check on the Ipad for the election results as I was in hopes that it was all a bad dream. Waking up this morning, my bad dream was indeed a nightmare. 
Here we are; with the American hope – all but gone.“Dear God, Please help us find the strength in your word to stand for YOU and YOUR word. Help us not stand for our preference, but for the principles You give us in You Holy Word. Help us never let up, back up, or give up, in our desire to point people to You. Help us to humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, and TURN from our wicked ways. Our friends may ridicule us, our families may turn against us, and our government may attempt to control us; but help us (no help ME) be YOUR voice in this world. We call evil good, good evil, and expect Your blessing. Forgive us of our complacency, our apathy, and our dependency on anyone but You. Restore the fire of Your Spirit in our hearts, Remake us in Your likeness, and Reinvigorate us to show this world Your heart.”
In her history, God has richly blessed this nation (or we wouldn’t be here). I pray that God has not changed His approach to dealing with this Nation; from “blessing America” to “Judging America.”

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