Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Call of Christ

Evangelist Len Turner tells the story of being asked to speak at a large assisted living facility in Alabama.  Just before the service of over 500 attendees began, they rolled into the room a sweet lady and placed her down front.  As the service began, this lovely lady became very animated as she was raising and waving her hand in worship of the Lord.  As the Quartet sang, this lady talked back to them.  When Bro. Len stood and began to preach, she continued to talk back to him saying things like, ‘that’s right’, ‘listen to this sweet boy’, and more.  Finally Bro. Len decided to converse directly with this older saint.  To her he said, “You seem to be having a good time today.”  “Yes sir I am,” was her quick response.  He continued, “You seem to really have a deep love for the Lord.”  “Oh I do,” she answered.  Then Bro. Len said, “Ma’am do you know who I am?”  She said, “No honey I don’t, but if you’ll go down the hall to the front desk, they have a nice lady there who can tell you who you are.
This story reminds me that many times the children of God forget who and whose we are and how we became a part of God’s family.
Consider this:  The desire of mankind is to be reconciled to God and the desire of God is to have mankind reconciled to Him.  Most people readily admit that ‘if there is a God’, they want to know Him.  Well, there is a God – His name is Jehovah and yes, we can know Him. 
However, because HE is God, in order to know God we must do it His way.  In the Holy Bible God tells us how we can have a close, personal relationship with Him.  The very reason Jesus lived, died, rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven is to make a way for mankind to come to God.  Jesus, God’s only Son, calls to each person.  This call is found in the two words, “Follow Me.”  It is the call He gave to the fishermen, the tax collector, to the crowds, and to each of us.  When we hear His call, I pray we will respond.

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