Monday, February 25, 2013

The Secret of the Church

Recently I read this poem, posted anonymously on the internet.  It is entitled "Little Christians." It recounts the dramatic growth of a church after a steep decline and a loss of members:
10 Little Christians came to church all the time, 1 fell out with the preacher & then there were nine.
9 Little Christian stayed up late, one ‘slept in’ on Sunday & then there were eight.
8 Little Christians on their way to heaven, one took the low road & then there were seven.
7 Little Christians chirping like chicks, one didn't like the singing & then there were six.
6 Little Christians seemed very much alive, one took a vacation and then there were five.
5 Little Christians pulling for heavens shore, one stopped to take a rest & then there were four.
4 Little Christians each as busy as a bee, one got his feeling hurt & then there were three.
3 Little Christians couldn't decide what to do, one couldn't have his way & then there were two.
2 Little Christians each brought one more, now don't you see ‘two and two make four.’
4 Little Christians worked early and late, each one brought one now there were eight.
8 Little Christians if they double as before, in just seven Sundays we have 1024!
Yes, even as I read this I too couldn’t help but smile.  However, it seems to me, that this poem reveals something about us which we would prefer to not to face up to.  This is our ‘humanness.’  Interestingly, the church belongs to the Lord Jesus.  He came to begin her (the church), die for her (with His blood), build her (with His Spirit), bless her, and one day – return for her.  The Bible says the church is HIS building, HIS body, and HIS bride.  The church is not the ‘house which His followers meet in’, rather it is “His followers which meet in the house.’
Since the church is His, she should operate according to HIS words, wishes, and will.  One way for the church to not decline in attendance (as is relayed in the poem) is to be about HIS business.  His business was and is to bring people who do not know God into a personal relationship with God through Jesus.  This is the secret for the church.

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