Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Time Is It?

In 1969 a rock album entitled “The Chicago TransitAuthority” was released with huge success. One of the songs on that album was entitled “Does anybody really knowwhat time it is.”  Candidly, that song isconsidered a rock classic these days. The words to the chorus are “Does anybody really know what time it is,does anybody really care?  If so, I can’timagine why.  We’ve all got time enoughto cry.”  Interestingly, the second choruschanges the word ‘cry’ to ‘fly’ while the third chorus change this word to‘die.’  That is the truth.  Someday, we will die.
With all that is happening in our country, in ourcommunity, and in our churches, the question which is on my mind is; “What Timeis it?”  This question is not about thetime on a clock, but rather time on a calendar. In other words what time is it in God’s economy?
2 Chronicles 36 records a sad endingto the nation of Judah followed by the Babylonian captivity and then concludeswith God saying it is TIME to rebuild God’s house.  God gave this word in 539BC.  To follow the time line is to realize thatapproximately 19 years later the prophet Haggai records the words of God whichsaid, “These people say it’s not time to rebuild my house.  Is it really not a time to rebuild my housewhile these people live in plush houses?”
Candidly God called the Childrenof Israel on the carpet for ignoring HIS work while they were busy with their‘own life.’  This seems to be a mirrorimage of the American culture; we are so busy with our own life that we don’thave time for God.
Paul gives us four calls in Romans13:11-14. 
Paul calls the people of God to‘wakeup’ to the spiritual need in our culture. He calls us to ‘give up’ or discard deeds which hamper showing Jesus tothe culture.  He calls us to ‘dress up’in the garb of holiness and righteousness so people can know God.  They will never know if we don’t show Him.  Finally, Paul calls us to “step up” and becounted. 
The reason Jesus died on the crosswas to reconcile and redeem mankind. What time is it?  It is time forGod’s people to wake up, give up, dress up, and to step up.  If we love our county, community, and ourchildren, let us do it.

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