Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Authentic Christianity

Years ago I was a guest on a TV talk show when one of the hosts (who happened to be a friend) turned to me and made this statement: “Many people have been killed in the name of Christianity.”  History reveals that his statement, while disturbing, is essentially true. 
Yet the Christianity that ‘kills people’ is a type and style of Christianity which is foreign to the brand of Christianity which wears the name Christian because it actually resembles the life and actions of Jesus Christ.  The word “Christian” literally means, ‘little Christ’ which is what the authentic Christian should be known for.
The word ‘authentic’ denotes the real, the genuine, or the original.  Most of us readily recognize that the ‘authentic’ is worth much more than a ‘copy’ because a copy lacks something. 
Think about the lock and key to your front door.  When the lock was installed you were given the ‘first generation’ or ‘original’ key and it worked like a charm.  After ten years and many copies of that key, you have a key which doesn't work.  Every time you make a copy it is a little less like the original until it stops working.
Such is the case of modern day Christianity in America.  While Christian Churches enjoys more resources, education, and facilities than at any time in history, it seems we have less influence and are making less impact than ever before. 
Could it be that the need exist to answer Jesus’ simple call of “Follow Me?”  To Matthew the tax collection, to Peter and Andrew the fishermen, to James and John the fishermen, and to you whatever you are, Jesus says, “Follow Me.”
Following Jesus means responding to His voice, living like He lived, loving like He loved, and walking like He walked.  It is the answer for your life and for everything that is wrong in this nation.
While the upcoming election is important that we pray and vote the way God tells us in His word, the truth is, we will never find the answer for this nation in politics.  We will not vote our way out of our national dilemma.  The answer is God’s people, those who profess to ‘know Jesus’ begin to act and live like He expects us to.  Then the culture will experience authentic Christianity and embrace God’s answer to life.

Bro. Jerry Watts
Bro. Jerry Watts

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