Monday, March 11, 2013

Blocked Roads

This year in our area we have come to have a new appreciation for the subject of “Blocked Roads.”  In April, the closure of the north side of the I20/I59 clogged the “Super Highway” beyond what we thought we could bear.  This has been followed by the southbound closure.  Frustration abounds.
Just the other day I was going to outsmart the ‘road’ situation and find me a ‘back road’ route that would be open.  Now don’t laugh, but with every attempt I discovered another ‘blocked’ road. 
These illustrations give us a clear and up to date physical illustration of spiritual principles.  Imagine the trouble you would be in if you attempted to ‘drive on a road’ that was being completed rebuilt.  It could be disastrous.  The reason the road is blocked and cause is for your protection.
The Apostle Paul has speaks about ‘doors being closed’ and ‘doors being opened.’  In the Revelation, the Apostle John writes, “What God has opened no man close and what God has closed no man can open.”   Too often we try to open what God closes because we forget that God knows best and wants the best for His children.  When He blocked our path or our action, He has a reason. 
As a loving God, His love extends to every part of our life.  In the Old Testament we read His recorded word
s, “I know the plans I have for you, plans for your welfare – not for disaster, plans for a future and a hope.”  God really does want the best for His Crown Creation and we can trust Him with all that we are. 
When we attempt to run through a ‘blocked road,’ the vehicle of our lives pays the price.  The call of Jesus to His disciples is the same call He gives to each of us.  It is simply, “Follow Me.”  If we follow Him, He will be our “GPS” and navigate us around the ‘blocked roads’ in our lives.

Bro. Jerry Watts
Bro. Jerry Watts

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