Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear God, Please Help Me

A young man asked his girlfriend, “May I kiss you?”  She was silent.  After a little bit he tried his luck again by asking, “Can I kiss you?” Again, she was silent.  In frustration he asked, “Are you deaf?”  Quickly she said, “Are you paralyzed?”
Have you ever felt like God wasn’t hearing you prayer?  I have.  I have prayed for a young person to be healed from their cancer – and they have not survived.  I have prayed for a couple who were having problems to be healed and reunited only to watch them go through a divorce.  I have prayed for someone to come to Christ and be saved only to watch them reject God’s offer.  I have prayed for MY FOOTBALL TEAM, the New Orleans to Saints to win – only – well never mind!
In these times when God does not respond to our prayers, we tend to ask, “What’s wrong with God?” Or “Where is God?”  While we do this without thinking, the truth is, we seem to get the idea that ‘it’s God’s fault.’  Yet, Isaiah 59:1 says, “the Lord’s arm is not shortened that He cannot save and His ears are not deaf that He cannot hear.”  In other words, when God doesn’t hear or respond to us, IT’S NOT HIS FAULT.
An honest reading of the entire 59th chapter reveals some very personal reason why God doesn’t hear us.  If we want to clear the lines of communication between us and God, we must give attention to the ‘reasons’ why God doesn’t hear.
From verse 2 to verse 16 we are reminded of 3 reasons why God doesn’t hear us.  These are; because of our sin, because of our shallowness, and because of our stubbornness.
Because of the way this is written, we can no longer say that it’s someone else’s fault.  Holy Scripture uses the pronouns “YOU”, “THEY”, and “WE – US”.
If we want God to hear us, we must repent (or turn away) from our sin and turn to Jesus.  In His death on the cross, we can find forgiveness.  In our forgiveness, the lines of communication with God are re-opened and He’ll hear and respond.
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