Monday, March 04, 2013

Get Ready

In 1998 the four-time Governor of Alabama George Wallace died, but before his death he openly admitted that when he stood at the door of the University of Alabama and denied entrance to blacks, he was wrong.  He apologized for that action and became something of a hero for repenting of his intolerance and recanting those views.  I affirm that change of mind in him.  Yet, when his great moment in history came, he was not prepared and he missed his great opportunity.
Charles Colson also repented of his role in the infamous Watergate affair.  He was involved in full-time Christian work until his death.  He has authored books and has been an advocate of prison reform.  His conversion is truly a genuine one and I affirm that.  But the tragedy will always be there that when his great opportunity in history came, he was not prepared, and he missed it.
Both of these men faced “irrecoverable moments” and were ill-prepared to make the right decision.  Every person faces these moments which we can never revisit or recover. 
The Bible teaches us (and we know) that ‘it is appointed unto a person once to die.’  In other words that moment will be here before you know it.  Over the past couple of years our little community has buried too many young people via accidents and sickness.  Additionally, one minister told me this; “last week we had 6 deaths in 48 hours.”  Death is coming. 
Are you ready for that moment?  Many people say to me, “Pastor, I’m ready to go to heaven.”  My response is always the same.  First I ask, “Why?”  Most of the time, I hear that the person wants to see their spouse, parents, children, or other loved ones over there.  My second question always brings a combination of strange and sobered looks.  The follow-up is question is, “Are you ready to meet God?”  
Please make no mistake that everyone who gets to heaven will see loved one who have gone there, but one of the requirements of getting to go there is that you must be ready to meet God, and meet Him on His terms.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the Life; and no one gets to the Father except through me.”  When you die, time is up.  Get ready.

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