Thursday, March 07, 2013

He Did this for YOU!

In recent years the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” depicted the events in the last 30 hours in the life of Jesus.  Very few movie events have impacted movie goers like this movie.  Perhaps the reason for this impact is because these events are not fabricated, but factual. 
Jesus of Nazareth, who healed the sick, made the lame walk, caused the blind to see, and cast out demons, was betrayed by one of his inner group and arrested as a common criminal.  The legal community broke its own laws in a mocked trial that was more like a Kangaroo court than a legal proceeding because it had a predetermined verdict.  For over 9 hours Jesus endured abuse, mistreatment, and false accusation; and then He was nailed to the cross of a sinner.  Problem was; He has never committed a sin.
He was killed on the cross of a sinner for the sins of this world.  He was put in a borrowed tomb.  Then the Roman government sealed the tomb shut.  For all human thinking the obvious conclusion was that His life was over and He was gone.
But then Sunday came!  Satan had his say at the cross, God spoke at the tomb!  Nothing is ever over until God says it is.  At the tomb God simply said, “Jesus, Arise.”  TODAY I REJOICE BECAUsE God did this for me!!  But God did this for you!
Jesus died for you.  He died for sin, both yours and mine.  The Bible says, “The wages of sin is death” which means death is the payment for that which we all do, sin.  Jesus died so that we don’t have to experience eternal death.
Jesus was resurrected for you!  In His resurrection, you and I are offered resurrection from this death of sin.  Again, the Bible says that we are ‘spiritually dead' in our sin.  Only in Jesus can we receive forgiveness from our sin, be raised from our dead state, and be assured of a home in heaven. 
EASTER is just around the corner.  IT is an EXCITING DAY!  But it is not exciting because of the 'Easter bunny', the 'eggs,' or even because of our 'family' that we will spend it with.   It is EXCITING because it is “RESURRECTION DAY”.  It is because of what Jesus did on Resurrection Sunday that we have hope for eternity.  He did it all for you.
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