Sunday, March 31, 2013

Super Sunday #3

Super Sunday!!  The word evokes a vision of ‘football’, ‘championship’, and all the trimmings.  Yet, Creation Sunday and Resurrection Sunday are two of the “SUPEREST” Sundays in human history.  There is one more Super Sunday to consider.  Think about it this way;
If your house were to catch on fire in the middle of the night and you awakened to discover that your only exit route was blocked by a raging inferno and the heat was so intense that your skin began to blister and you noticed your closet was momentarily safe from this inferno - so you entered the closet closing the door behind you.  Candidly, whether from the fire or smoke inhalation, your fate would be sealed and you would soon recognize your dilemma.  To continue this horrendous picture, think about the possibility of this difficult demise.
Now, all of a sudden the closet door swings open and you are rescued by a brave fireman in protective gear. You have now been rescued from certain death.  Do you think this day would be forever etched in your memory?  Would you remember the day, the situation, and the circumstances of your life being saved?  I think so.  That fireman would forever be your savior and your salvation.
The third SUPER SUNDAY is SALVATION SUNDAY, but it’s not from a temporary house fire.  The Bible tells us that, at just the right time, God sent Jesus to save us from our sin.  Another place in scripture reminds us that God love us so much that He sent His ONE AND ONLY SON that we might have eternal life.  Salvation Sunday is indeed a Super Sunday.  Here are a few of the things which happen; we are forgiven of our sin, saved from our sin, establish a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, rescued from the place the Bible terms “hell”, and we are given an eternal home in heaven. 
I dare say that when so many good things happen on one day to one person, it is a SUPER SUNDAY.  Quite likely, the best Sunday of all!

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