Friday, March 01, 2013

The Cancer of Sin

The title of this blog contains one word which strikes fear in all mankind.  While it seems that our medical professionals seem to be gaining traction in stopping the lethal outcome of cancer, it still remains one of the most feared diseases.
There is another word which SHOULD cause mankind to fear.  Sin is a disease which, according to God’s word, is 100% fatal, if not properly treated – and there is only one treatment. 
Sin is personal.  This means that sin is a problem for everybody.  Holy Scripture teaches that ‘all have sinned’, ‘there is no one righteous,’ and that anyone who says ‘I don’t sin’ is a liar.  Every person has some sin which is his or hers.  Satan knows your weakness and when you are weakest and he will attack you at that place in your life.  Left to our own, sin becomes our ‘boss’ and doesn’t let up. 
This brings us to the truth that sin is persistent because it does not let up, back up, or give up.  When you get caught up in sin, it continues to show up in your life.
Speaking of life, sin is pervasive.  This means that it affects every part of your life.  If a man is tied up in lust, adultery, or pornography, it will affect his relationship with his wife.  If a woman has a secret sin, it will make her appear like she has multiple personalities.  If an individual habitually lies, he can become a different person.  But sin doesn’t stop there.
Sin is also progressive.  The Bible says that lust gives birth to sin and sin gives birth to death.  It’s like a drug which keeps begging for something stronger.  This is seen in addictions because it always takes “more.”
And finally, sin is poison.  Just like a snake bite, if left untreated sin does and will kill.
The good news in that God offers a cure for sin which is 100% effective.  The Bible tells us that “Christ died once and for all that He might bring us to God” and that “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin.”  Jesus died on the cross like we saw in the “Passion of the Christ.”  In His suffering, you and I can find a cure for our sin.

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