Sunday, March 24, 2013

The State of "THINGS"

David and Goliath!  Just mentioning those names gives us a picture of the impossible situation.  It would be similar to a scrawny teenager up against a WWF champion or maybe bringing a knife to a ‘machine-gun’ battle.  It would seem there is no way to win!  And then, GOD steps in to completely change the situation.  When crunch time came (that is, the time to meet Goliath face to face), David gave the ground rule.  Genesis 17:45 records David’s words, “You come to me with a dagger, speak and sword.”  Goliath was reported to be 9 feet tall so he was a formidable foe to say the least, but to think that Goliath was armed would indeed bring a chill of fright to anyone.  Well almost anyone because David’s words continued with, “But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Host, the God of Israel’s armies—you have defied HIM.”  It would seem to me that, at this point, the situation changed entirely. 
Every person who reads this column has faced a ‘Goliath’ in their life.  The giants of today wear many names; finances, family-issues, depression, health, relationship problems, and more.  Those problems come at us, like Goliath, attempting to not simply take us down, but ultimately to take us out.  As long as we attempt to see these problems through the eyes of the ‘hear of now’, we may find ourselves outmanned.
However, bringing Jehovah God into the picture has a way of changing the circumstances.
No doubt life, in these United States, are very interesting these days.  Things which used to be unheard of have now seemingly become routine.  Sadly, we debate ‘right and wrong’ as if ‘we get the final say.’ 
For 50 years as a country, we have dismissed God from our public life.  We have extricated Him from our schools, our government, and our social lives and we have done this in multiple ways.  Today, we are seeing the fulfillment of the scriptural principle unfold.  “Don’t be deceived, God will not be mocked.  Whatever you sow, you will reap.”  (in an upcoming column, I’ll remind us of the “Laws of Sowing and Reading”).
I submit that the need of the day is to renew David’s words and come “In the Name of the Lord.”  Then the “State of Things” may well be set right.

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