Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Should I Become

The old adage says, “You never stop learning & growing until you’re in the ground.”  As true as that may be, by our human nature we are sometimes tempted to get a bit complacent with ‘who we are’ and ‘what we are’ which results in a comfortable but stagnant life.  Yes, we get through life but somehow the passion just leaves us.  Arguably, our rationale is our age has stolen our passion when, in fact, our lack of passion comes from our lack of growing and reaching our potential. 
Please consider three qualities or attributes which point us in the direction that the Bible teaches us to go.
First, become an encourager.  This world, country, and culture need encouragers in a big way.  Quite honestly, were it left to me; I would put out the word that there exists no openings in this society for criticizers.  (All those positions seem to be taken - GRIN).  Becoming an encourager will change the environment in which you live.  People will respond differently to you, and it will be a good change!
Next, become a promoter of unity.  It is interesting that while in the garden of Gethsemane praying, knowing that the cross was coming in less than 36 hours, Jesus prayed, John 17, for His followers to be unified.  Frequently, I apologize to the teenagers in our services for the world we are leaving them.  It doesn’t seem than any segment of this society is healthy.  Morals, ethics, and financials, are but a few of the problems which plague our society.  But I wonder if those of us who are followers of Christ owe an apology to our culture because of the disunity which is seen in many congregations.  Jesus wanted us to be unity in Him; this was to be our mark of being His.
Finally, become a purveyor of grace.  Grace defined is ‘receiving what you do not deserve’, while mercy is defined as ‘not receiving what you do deserve.’  Each day we are presented with opportunities to extend ‘grace.’   I submit it is easier to extend grace when we have been the recipient of God’s grace.  Here’s how it works; God pour out His grace on His child, who extends grace to someone who needs it, and then God (who never runs out of grace), pours more grace on us.  We become a conduit of God’s grace.  And that is exactly what God desires for us to become.

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