Tuesday, April 02, 2013

God in the House

Simon was a church leader.  He may have been a deacon, Sunday school teacher, or some other officer.  He had a party for all of his church leader friends.  The guest list was quite small.  But, as is recorded in Luke 7, Simon invited Jesus.   Simon is termed a Pharisee in the Bible.  The reason he and all his Pharisee friends wanted to have a quiet, intimate, and personal meal with Jesus is open for much discussion.  Did they want to get to know Jesus or were their motives less than honorable?  This is a question which has to be asked because it was the Pharisees who, only a short time later, were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.  But that story will have to wait because there’s a party going on and Jesus is the guest of honor!
When all of the invited guests arrived, things got a little interesting.  An uninvited woman came in and stood behind Jesus.  It seems she was known by the host because in his mind he called her a ‘sinner.’  Today, many think this woman was a prostitute.  So what was she there?  She came for no other reason than to see Jesus.  For you see, Jesus had a reputation for helping those who couldn’t seem to catch a break or help themselves so she just HAD to see Him.
Might I suggest that today, those who believe in Christ need to spend more time making sure that Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, is in the house.  If He’s in the house,
If He’s in the house, He been invited.  Years ago, I read that Billy Graham’s daughter said that, “God is a perfect gentleman.”  He only comes as an invited guest.
If He’s in the house, people know it.  This is a message for every church family who believes in God.  When you walk into a room where God’s presence is, you know it.
If He’s in the house, people will want to be there.   God wrote it into the DNA of man to desire to a relationship with his creator.  People want to be where God is.
If He’s in the house, lives are changed.  Can you imagine coming face to face with the creator of the universe and not being changed?  I can’t.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is peace, comfort, and Love.
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