Friday, April 05, 2013

The Touch of God

In the 26th chapter of 2 Chronicles is an intriguing and informative story about a King named Uzziah.  Uzziah was named King when he was only 16 years old and he reigned for 52 years.  Here’s the big news; Uzziah was blessed by God, enjoyed the touch of God on his life (and Kingdom) as well as was successful as long as he sought the Lord!  This was seemed to indicate that ‘when he no longer sought the Lord then he would no longer be blessed by God or be successful.’
The scripture gives a picture of Uzziah’s rise to power, his development of far-reaching power, and even his fall from power.  Because of his past victories, the power of his military, and the force of his power, Uzziah, slowly but surely, became someone who the Lord God would no longer bless.
As a young man and a rookie King, he surrounded himself with great counselors because he knew he needed help.  However, as the victories came and his successes became many, he became too strong for God to bless.  He was too strong on his own, so he no longer sought nor depended on the Lord.  Honestly, he probably felt like he could give God a break because he (Uzziah) could handle whatever came.
So King Uzziah decided that he could do the sacred work that only the priests was supposed to do.  His arrogance before God caused him to be confronted by dozens of ‘brave priest’ and his response was anger.  In fact, he became so angry (red faced) and refused to admit his ‘arrogance’ which caused to God send an affliction, a skin disease, which cause Uzziah to be removed from the Temple, be replaced as King, and be rejected by society.  His epitaph was not the victories he won, but the disease he carried.  His reaction to his God-given success was the cause of his demise.  It is a sad finish to a spectacular beginning.
Here are some things we learn from Uzziah; “When we stop seeking God, He does stop blessing us.”  “God’s judgment is severe.”  “When we put our fingerprint on something (anything), God will take His hand of it.”  “When we forget the God who blesses us, we will lose the touch of God on our life.”
In the decaying culture which we live, having the touch of God on our life, should be a top priority.

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