Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fresh Encounter - Consider Martha

Walk into the home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus (we literally did last Sunday).  Each of these three experienced a “Fresh Encounter” with Jesus that ‘changed their lives!’  This is true of EVERYONE who has an “Encounter with Jesus.” 
Today, on this Tuesday before we gather for the weekend where we seek God for a “Fresh Encounter”, consider “Martha.”  She is known as a person of service.  She does much.  Every time the family needs something ‘done’, Martha is the girl.  She puts muscle and action to whatever is needed. 
She is like many today; to see a need or a task that needs doing is to respond, do, work, and act.  Such was the life of Martha in Luke 10. 
However again like so many, there is a dark side of Martha; she demands everyone do ‘like she does’ and if they don’t, she complains!  Martha might fit well in the 21st century culture because it would seem that we live in a “Culture of Complaining.”  Last Sunday evening in the service, as the S.O.S. class shared about their ministry we heard several stories which remind us of the complaining nature of this affluent culture.
As Jesus spoke to Martha in Luke 10, He revealed that the issue she was complaining about was not her real issue & that the greater service that she could give would be in service to him.  What a lesson for us to learn.
From HER “Fresh Encounter”, her service, actions, & life, were all raised to a new level.  Now, she no longer served, while judging others.  She no longer complained about what others ‘didn’t do.’  She no longer focused on the things of this world.  Her “Fresh Encounter” raised her eyes & heart toward Jesus.
What a lesson for each of us.  Let’s pray that as we come to this weekend, that our Lord will grant us a Fresh Encounter with Him that will change our focus, our motivation, our love, our service, and our very life!

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