Saturday, January 24, 2015

So Many Topics, So Little Time

While admittedly I have rarely been a 'prolific' blogger (mainly because many who believe the world 'needs to hear their opinion' have little basis to feel that way), our country, culture, and even our planet is now seeing things happen at a phenomenal rate. Perhaps the 'rate' by which events are unfolding have not increased as much as my personal knowledge and perception have been awakened to these undesired changes. Furthermore, there is a great possibility that these changes (which have taken place largely over the past 15 years) have weighed on my heart and life as well as is now bearing down on the future of this country, the world, God's church, as well as my children and grandchildren.
Most of my posts have been inspirational in nature and I would desire to continue those types of posts. However at least in the USA, there are many other things to which a spiritual leader (I.E. a pastor) should be speaking – and as time passes I intend to do so. At times you may agree while at other times you may disagree. At times I may write things with the desire to 'stir you up' while at other times perhaps this blog can bring some 'comfort or peace.' After all, it was the "God of all comfort" who called me into this work and to do what I do.

Some of the topics which I plan to write about are;
  • Can ISIS be the prophetic country to the North?
  • What rises to the level of High Crimes and Misdemeanors?
  • Peace in the Midst of a Culture at War
  • Racial Reconciliation – Apologizing for the sins of our Fathers?
  • God's Word to this Fallen World
  • Our Need for Statesmen in Government
  • Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?
  • Why I believe Homosexuality is Incompatible with Christianity?


And I've said NOTHING about the function of our Judiciary's ongoing desire to 'legislate from the bench'. We are in a critical time in this nation and the world. I have NO ALLUSIONS OF GRANDUER because these writing may make very little difference, but it's kind of like a man in my first pastorate. He was very old and could not have heard the atomic bomb explode (even if it exploded very close by). He never missed worship unless he was sick. One day he shouted at me, "PREACHER, DO YOU KNOW WHY I ATTEND WHEN I CAN'T HEAR A WORD YOU SAY?" Calling him by name, I shouted back, "I THINK SO, BUT WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME?" With a smile he shouted, "I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHOSE SIDE I'M ON!!"


The reason I'll write is to let everyone know whose side I'm on. I pray some will read these words and join me on the journey.  I pray it is interesting, inspiring, and enlightening.


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