Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Thom Rainer's Blog

Everyday my email box is filled with dozen (okay - over 50) emails from all kinds of people, causes, & 'sale pitches.'  Most of them I delete (twice - to make sure their gone) and move on.  Attempting to 'unsubscribe' is a joke as it seems that I may actually get unsubscribed to the specific thing I am attempting to STOP, but it may just be me, but it SEEMS that for everyone I unsubscribe from, I received two new pieces of mail - EVERYDAY. 
Through I receive highlighted events and blog.  One of those blog which I receive is about Dr. Thom Rainer, CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources.  I would be lying if I said Dr. Rainer & I agree on every issue.  However, in several years of reading his blogs - he seems to have a good hand on the pulse of our churches most of the time. 
Today, I received an email from Newsle and the lead story was "THOM RAINER - 9 Traits of Church Bullies."  Reading it was both informative and saddening.  The church today & her belief system (The Bible) is under such attack that to think of this type of attack is disheartening at best.  However, I believe this is an informative read that will help many people, so I share the link:  Thom Rainer: 9 Traits

Be blessed today!

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