Tuesday, June 02, 2015


This is a little eerie.  Yesterday I posted the writings of another pastor's blog entitled "10 Ways to Kill a Church" and the same day James Schupp's book, "Who Killed My Church" arrives in the mail.  James and I now have a friendship which has begun and continues 'online'.  He lives in Texas and after years of Pastoring, is now planting a church.  I say that to express that, over the years, he has accumulated some knowledge about the state of and reason for a 'dying church.' 
His book, "Who Killed My Church", is an easy read that is packed full of truths and EVERY FOLLOWER OF CHRIST probably needs to read it.  I had the privilege of reading the manuscript several months again as it was being prepared for publication.  Here is the link. It is worth both the money and the time.

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