Monday, July 20, 2015

Donald Trump for President????

Admittedly, I am not a "Political Analyst", but I am finding our presidential race (just getting started) to be a little intriguing.  However if the pundits will sit up and pay attention, it is also REVEALING.
This election is stacking up, in my humble opinion, in a very sad way.  But most of our elections of late have been a precursor to what we might see next year.  It matters not what "Political Party" you are from, already this has to be disheartening while at the same time, somewhat enlightening.

On the Democratic side, a person carrying a famous name, Clinton, is seeking to use that name to win the Oval Office.  Better said, it almost seems like she is not really 'seeking' the office but EXPECTING to occupy it.  To me (my deeply felt, believed, & HIGHLY PERSONAL opinion), she has approached this campaign more like, 'from victory' instead of 'for victory.'  In other words, she believes that she IS the next President & the First Female President.  All the problems in  her past seem not to matter.  Personally because I'm older, I still remember the Whitewater scandal, I have read the large list of people close to her and her husband whose lives have ended tragically and violently, AND I CANNOT get past Benghazi.  In our system of jurisprudence you may plead the 5th amendment, but that shouldn't work in politics.  She carries so much baggage that her, in the Oval Office, is possibly more frightening than President Obama.  Now Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed "Socialist" (Sanders Socialist Successes, Wednesday, April 22, 2009), seems to making noise to rain on Hillary's destiny as the nominee of the democratic party.  So, this party's choices are someone who has proven herself untrustworthy VERSUS a Socialist....Our current president must be proud.  However, both of these candidates are reading the right notes, following the right talking points, & evading questions put to them with POLITICAL PRECISION.  But we do not have a glimpse into what makes them tick and what decisions they might make if given the Oval Office.

On the Republican side of the race, I've lost count of those who are seeking the office.  However, the one who is the dark horse and who is making a great deal of noise right now is (I can't believe I'm writing this), Donald Trump.  Reading the polls is a little amazing.  This businessman is giving life-long politicians grief as he moves from one uncensored comment to another - while at the same time, inching up in the polls.  Why is this?  (A SIDE NOTE:  His remarks about John McCain were certainly some he should apologize for because, McCain (like his politics or hate them), served this country with distinction on the field of battle and gave up years of his life as a prisoner of war protecting our ability to disagree.  In my book, he is an American hero, even though I disagree with many of his policies.)

For me, I have not decided who I will cast my vote for and when I do, probably you will never know who it is because, I still believe that who I vote for is my concern and no one else's.  Sorry to be so abrupt.  I weary of hearing the question, "Who are you going to vote for?"

But it is this public fascination with Donald Trump that might teach us a lesson today, if we and our politicians will allow it.  Mr. Trump is a businessman, a shrewd businessman.  He is tenacious and he is not accustomed to answering to anyone, nor (at least it appears) does he allow anyone to frame his words, his opinions, nor his actions.  He is what he is and what you see you get.  Now, I have opinions about his qualifications to sit in the Oval Office, but that is not the reason for my words.

Why - I repeat "WHY" is Donald Trump 'ringing the bell' of so many Americans today?  This is not from scientific research, but rather, from my personal observation.  It is because when you hear Donald Trump speak you HEAR Donald Trump.  It seems to me that the American people are tired of hearing talking points provided by a candidate's team of people who have carefully coached their candidate to avoid certain words and phrases, redirect a question to a topic that is preferred, or simply talk in general about general things without getting specific on anything.  The American people are tired of the "Polished Political Rhetoric" which has now landed this country in the worse shape she has ever been in and are now looking for some straight-talking people who say what they believe, believe what they say, and are willing to stake their political careers on it.  These type of people are NOT politicians, they are STATESMEN - and Statesmen seem to be in short supply.

To all politicians (though none will ever read this) I ask, "Can we stop hearing what your advisers want us to hear and start hearing YOUR HEART for whatever political position you want to occupy?"  Let's bring some candor back into politics which might bring some integrity back to the process.  This may be the reason that politicians are considered so dishonest.  Perhaps they have never answered one question based on THEIR TRUE BELIEFS but rather on the belief of some 'team' who coach them into saying what 'their team' believes will get them elected.  After all, once you are elected, you seem to show your true colors.

Let us learn once again about speaking your true feeling.  A political office is a public trust.  We are trusting these politicians to say what they'll do and do what they say.  For me, I am not sure that Donald Trump is qualified to hold the position of the President Of the United States or would make a good President, but I am sure that I want a President who speaks clearly, distinctly, truthfully, & let's us know what in his heart because "THAT" is what he will be committed to.

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