Sunday, February 07, 2016

A New Beginning

When most of my friends & many colleagues are announcing their retirements, I am grateful that God has seen fit to give me a new assignment AND I am THANKFUL for that new assignment.  For the last 41 years Deboria and I have moved around the southeast doing our best to serve the Lord wherever we were.  This has been a great 'turn of the page' and a 'new chapter' in life and ministry.

For over 15 years, I served as a "Music Minister" (today called a "Worship Minister") and then, after getting my relationship with God in order, God called me to preach - which I have attempted to do since 1992.  God is good as in my weakness HE has always been strong.  Through the good & the not so good, God has been a constant companion, encourager, and leader ever by applying discipline as I've needed it.  As I have said many times in the pulpit, "I am thankful God has never taken the many opportunities I have given Him to 'throw me under the bus', but rather has always been patient with me and my loving Father.  Today His faithfulness, goodness and mercy, continues to follow me.

On January 1, 2016, God opened a very special door of ministry which is indeed a new direction for me.  Becoming the Associational Missions Director for the George Greene Baptist Association has already proven to be such a blessing that any words seem to fall short.  After only one month with this responsibility, I feel both honored and humbled.  So many great people in this area are followers of Christ, so much comradery, and still so much work to be done, - and I honestly believe we can "Reach the World From South Mississippi." 

This transition has felt a little like I imagine Joshua feeling when, in Joshua 1, God told Joshua, "Get up and GO".  To the wonderful churches, the great churches, and the outstanding pastors, I say 'thanks' for your prayers, support, and willingness to allow the Lord to lead.  God's best is yet to come.  GRACE.

BY THE WAY, if you read this, please OFFER A PRAYER that God will intervene and help us sell our house very quickly.  MY WIFE NEEDS ME.  GRIN.

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