Friday, July 29, 2016

A Historical Time (No Matter How You View It)

(This is the first in a series of several blogs concerning the upcoming Presidential Election)
Someone said to me, “This is the most unusual, if not unbelievable, Presidential election that I can remember.”  Immediately I agreed because, it matters not who you support (and I have friends as well as acquaintances who passionately support each candidate) THIS PRIMARY PROCESS and the upcoming election is a weird event, an unusual environment, and even a defining moment in this nation.
Generally, the ‘first political’ office a candidate runs for is not the top office in the land – this year we have that. We have never had a female candidate for the Presidency – this year we have that.  (Admittedly, a female candidate is not a big deal at this point. It was going to happen because it should happen. However, just like the person who was elected the first African-American President was the wrong person for the health & progress of this nation (another blog), I am wondering if we are about to make the same type of mistake again).  Generally, a person with so much and so many ‘shady events’ (Whitewater-gate, Commodity-gate, Foundation-gate, Server-gate, Benghazi-gate, and etc) in their background disqualifies that person for the top office in the land, this year it doesn’t. 
It is also interesting that one candidate is a self-made multi-billionaire while the other is a governments funded (and not necessarily the US government) multi-millionaire.  The ‘drive by media’ (to use a Limbaugh term) reports that the billionaire has no money for his campaign while the government funded multi-millionaire is loaded with cash.  Billions and Millions – and here I am wondering how I’ll make the next doctor and/or dentist bill under the “UN-Affordable Care Act”, but I digress. 
In this campaign we have a situation, that could be the first time, NEITHER candidate has an over 50% favorability rating by the citizens.  Did hear what that says?  In other words (as I read this statistic), over 50% of people in the mainstream “DO NO TRUST” either candidate.  This is remarkable!  And THIS is the best we can do????  In all of America, this is the ‘cream of the crop?’  But make no mistake, these two are our choices.  Some are saying “write-in” while others says, “Vote 3rd party”, well for me, neither of those options work because both of those options is a vote to send us toward a Socialist society.  You don’t have to agree with this, but this is how I see it.
The Primary system is always hard and has been made more so by the 24 hour-news editorial spin cycle which crucifies ANYONE who dares to toss their name in the political arena.   Quite likely, this is why many quality  leaders, spouses, & families, choose NOT to serve.  Two comments about the “News” (I use this words very loosely):  FIRST, rarely do I trust anything called “News” these days because, in my opinion, we rarely get “News” rather we get the “Editorial on the News.”  In fact, it might be a little more honest to rename the 6pm ‘newscasts’  the “Broadcast OF the Nightly Editorial” (we could call it ‘B.O.N.E.’).  SECONDLY, I would be surprised if our Founding Fathers, you know who I’m talking aboutthose who pledged their wealth, loyalty, & LIVES, to see this nation born - desired for the “Freedom of the Press” to become ‘political machines’ which seeks to destroy the lives and families of those who desire ‘public service.’  (Public Service?? – Hmm…here is another truth or question found in this election cycle which brings up so many reminders of things we seem to have forgotten - -  that it’s like chasing cats or opening up a can of worms)
The Primary system is indeed  hard but at the end of the day, as a general rule (which means not all the time & not everyone, but generally) we lay aside the contest past to unite on principle and set our sights on America.  In the words of the last American President to be assassinated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ASK what YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY.”
In this way, the 2016 Presidential Election seems to come down to ‘What Kind of America We Will Have Going Forward?’  One candidate claims he will return us to the conservative values (I.E. Courts, Legislation, Trade, Religious Freedom, Security, etc) while the other candidate believes these last 8 years have been our best years and will expand the governmental policies.  Candidly, one candidate says, “I’m moving us back to the right” while the other says, “We’re headed left in our thinking & governing and you haven’t seen nothing yet.”  One is a for sure “Capitalist” while the other is a, well, she likes the term ‘progressive’ but from her rhetoric, life, and career, I term her a “Socialist.”  (HISTORICAL NOTE:  Socialism has failed at every attempt and has most always produced the next logical step downward for societies who have tried it – that next step is “Communism”).  The Socialist view, in simplistic terms,  is “Governmental Control.”  Young people today likes the rhetoric of lower (or free) College tuitions.  While it sounds good, one of the basic tenets of society is this:  THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH!  Someone has to pay the tab.  I’m wondering who this might be, oh yeah, it will be who it has always been, ME and YOU – the little guys.  (The younger people would have a great surprise kind of like my daughter did when she received her first check as a teacher.  She knew how ‘much’ she supposed to make & was startled at how much the government kept.  Can you imagine how much this amount will increase when we toss in College Ed, Healthcare for everyone, and more?  I don’t care to even entertain t
hat scenario.)
This is a ‘historic election’ to be sure.  In times past I have had to ‘hold my nose and pull the lever’, but this time for me (I am not speaking for anyone else) it’s worse.  With respect to the “Office of the President of the USA”, I believe in these past 8 years we have seen the abuse of powers which borders on the criminal.  Many times I have asked, “Exactly HOW does one define ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’?”   (Not long ago I asked Christ-following Judge this question and discovered that no one ‘wants’ to define this or take action on it.  This explains a great deal.)
Because our current president is lauded to be a “Constitutional Attorney”, I have to conclude that he ‘knows’ what the Constitution allows and has made it his mission to change the parameters of that office so that he could fundamentally change America.  One of our presidential candidates will make it her task to continue this change which, I deeply believe, will kill this great nation.  The other candidate might continue to compromise the office of the president out of ignorance because he doesn’t know the constitution but rather leads like a CEO. 
This next three months will make history, we will cast our votes,  and then history will write itself because of the decision make the first week of November.  Honestly, the choice for me, while unpleasing, is simple.  To ‘write in’, ‘refuse to vote’, or some other protest is a vote cast for socialism.  While writing down this previous thought will anger some, that doesn’t make it any less accurate.  Gosh, I wish we had a better choice.  Whichever candidate prevails, as a minister, I wonder if in this election we are about to receive the ‘due penalty for our errors” as Paul told the Romans. 
Whatever happens, this will be historic.

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